Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jenny Lee and the Fat Farm by Orson Scott Card

The purpose of this assignment is to compare thematically between a short short and a piece of media, and I chose to compare "Fat Farm" by Orson Scott Card. This story brings me to compare it to a news article about a woman by the name of Jenny Lee who is a plastic surgery addict, because the theme of body image, superficial behaviour, and the desire to be beautiful ties these two together.


The story of "Fat Farm," and this article of Jenny Lee have many different areas of similarity. One of those ways is that, in the story, Barth goes into a clinic to undergo a cloning of himself to become fit, strong, and overall the best looking version of himself, to clinically enhance himself. In terms of this news story, Lee undergoes tremendous amounts of plastic surgery to also clinically enhance herself to become more "beautiful."

A second way way that this story supports the news article is because it is implied that Barth may have an addiction to the services of Dr. Anderson because every time he needed to create a thinner version of himself. Instead of just working out or taking other actions, he continued to go to Dr. Anderson's clinic and become thin. In terms of the story of Lee, after the first time she had surgery, she went again and soon had surgery on her hips, arms, stomach, thighs, breasts and other parts of her body. Why? Because she is addicted to the services plastic surgery has to offer.

Lastly, the pleasure of the results. In the news article, Lee was asked by Larry King if she had ever planned to stop having so much plastic surgery and she replied by saying "no", because she liked the way it made her feel. In the "Fat Farm," Barth was ecstatic to see the new, beautiful, thin Barth and to bring him in naked to fully see his new beauty.

"...It nearly broke his heart to see his own body young and strong and beautiful again, as it never had been the first time through his life. It was unquestionably himself, however, that they led into the room. Except that the belly was firm, the thighs well muscled but slender enough that they did not meet, even at the crotch. They brought him in naked, of course. Barth insisted on it...."

In conclusion, these two stories share many of the same ideas of body image and beauty, and "Fat Farm" and the story of Jenny Lee do support each other on the basis of having a similar theme. To someone who has dealt with insecurities before, these are also good examples to love and accept yourself. Also, if there is a body part you have a problem with, take action naturally or work with what nature has gifted you with.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my thematic comparison of "Fat Farm" by Orson Scott Card and the news article of Jenny Lee.

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